African Days Vision

In five years,

Sipping kunu, no processed drinks

Just sunshine, close to the beach

Possibly Cape Town?

Uganda or maybe suburban Lekki?


In five years,

Sitting, newspaper flipping

Tilapia on burner,


getting flipped

Beautiful music played on vinyl

King Sunny Ade, high life soaking


In five years,

I picture myself blessed with love

Away from the towers and rusts

Back home in huts and on red soils

Savannah nights experienced daily,


Freely, and


Poem 2

Shit shit
The stain’s all over
My clothes drenched in oil
I’m left with the waiters grin
As my day collapses
My debt’s increases
Capital city of credit score ruin

Shit shit
My clothes are done for
Ruined in oil and waste
My pocket’s empty
From the recycling of salt
Taste it, and you just might very well die

Shit shit
The world’s done for
Polluted, overflowing with dirt
Mucus forming into water
People dying, leaving matter for eternal means
Cure it and you might just implode
With hate and everlasting bitterness
But do persevere

Shit, shit
I mean there’s nothing left but to try one more las