I think about you from time to time

Every part of you

The corners, crescents

The way your eyes shines when the evening settles

Red earth: your body when the afternoon dust rests

I think about you when I’m alone

You must know

I still smell


Real memories now turned into star pointing

Gazing when the night is dark and the moon just bright right


Down this road

Many points to pivot

Forward they say

Even into quick sand

Comprised truth;

heard long enough becomes your dream

Sometimes a reset is needed

New Years, quarter earnings

Elite tower from in sky fights

Trump cards and face swaps

Different show,

repeated characters

We give inanimate life

Yet lack breath daily

Every yard not existing

Pushing on, robotic living

We truly despise been alive

Race to the trenches

Never ending,

injected demise


My mind is in the right place now

Heart clutched and seized for a second

Pumped only after I ran the mile

Keep going back to the center

To who I am

My voice within

No matter how much I skid

sideways, tunnel away

Money money

Greed and some green

Blinding light on Dior street

Never the real thing

Can’t fake the sun

My brown skin show the true gems

Taste for finer things

Tongue tasting, many feigns

Vices in all forms

Distractions in headache pills

The years then stretch

Yet I circumvent

Back to my core

Blood on paper

arteries pouring out

Ink and soul-spill

Splattered on word docs

a.i. dreams

a.i. dreams

Through the burns

Scars from knuckle peeling

I stay on course

Slow steady

Truly exhausted

Faded Memories

keep me straight

I smell the oil

Lubricated joints

Defined physique

Projected ear sight

At times, I find myself


hello world, print!

Reflection and Reintroduction

Three Kings

Of different ages

Lineage stretching back to Anoha

No chains

No adages

No cowries

Streamed down by oral droplets

Spoken through mountain peaks

Through ridges and wide spaces

Marks, Spears, hair twisting

Fire, feet warming

Circle, from top of huts

Into cell molecules

Souls transfused through sight

Off beat, Offbeat

One and one

One plus two

One snap, pause

Then another

Three Kings

Stretching past the Nile

Blue necks, blue hair

Different centre

Same spirit

All three Searching for one answer

Her reply to their quest

Bourbons, Demons and Depression

Losing my head

It seems to have fallen off

Time warps so fast

I find myself in tomorrow

Standing on today

My mind reliving the past

The cold, my anthem

The chills, lullaby

Eyes, cross

red and lights

a peer, a peek

they look at me

following my steps

in a room

deep in the wild

scars, memories


with anger

fills my heart

a box

all corners

I jump to find air





I can’t lie

These days

I feel the pressure more

The weight, the anvil

On my soul

Bare, burdened

My brain clogged

Calling for help


words on a blue wall

Losing the wheels of life

Steering straight

at a blank

Senses fading

Exhaust filling my lungs

Summer detaching


I can’t lie

All I need is green in color

Serenity in actuality

Love in physicality

All I need is an escape

Away from my mind